9888 Bissonnet Suite #285
Houston, Texas 77036.


It is with pleasure that we introduce you to the Knowledge-First Career Institute. Knowledge-First Career Institute is a vocational institution committed to students as individuals, helping them with their individual needs and goals. Our programs are carefully designed to meet the industry and community demands. Our classes encompass the hands-on training you’ll receive from our experienced faculty in addition to the knowledge you need to succeed.

Because of this attention to both subject matter and more importantly, to the students themselves, our learners soon become self-directed in their thirst for knowledge. Furthermore, understanding that education not only addresses the intellectual capacities, we also develop character, healthy lifestyles, and proficiencies that lead to life-long resiliency.   


While the school is in its sixth year of operation, direct management has a 20-year history of direct workforce development and training experience.  Our team is accredited by either the Accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education or the National Center for Construction Education and Research to provide their respective training courses.



To bridge the gaps in community-based services for those who are marginalized, overlooked and under-served.

As advocates of the communities we serve, we seek to promote autonomy, self-sufficiency, social and personal responsibility, and good citizenship among all individuals.

In doing so, we demonstrate uncompromising principles to:

  • Restore respect and dignity to those we serve,
  • Inspire, motivate, enhance and transform the lives of those we serve; and
  • Improve the economic well-being and quality of life of our communities' citizens.


Joblessness, inability, illiteracy, disability, Impoverishment, family dysfunction, juvenile delinquency, incarceration are among the many barriers that render the larger population powerless to build themselves into healthy vibrant families, successful careers and small businesses.  Our mission is to build Human Self-Sufficiency by satisfying the core need of Health, Home and Humanistic Satisfaction.

We help youth and adults at risk to become burdens on society to become productive citizens to society.

Knowledge-First challenges its underserved participants & communities to accept and demonstrate self-responsibility, self-determination & self-reliance by engaging in their own personal educational endeavors that maximize their personal potential.


2019-2020 GOALS

Our 2019-20 goals include creating 300 new jobs in our service area, transition 350 recipients from the welfare of government assistance to on the job training, assist 150 adults with attaining his or her high school diplomas and solid career paths and reach over 1500 youth with accelerated learning for high-performance achievement.

We are proud to currently provide:

  • Professional Development Training
  • Motivational Speaking and Workplace Team Building
  • Non-Profit Training
  • Small Business Training
  • Communications and Sensitivity Training
  • Computer Office Training
  • Nurse Aide Certification
  • Food, Health & Nutrition Education
  • Job Training & Placement Programs
  • Accelerated High Performance learning for kids with special needs
  • Youth Development & School Improvement Programs
  • Accredited High School Diploma/Dropout Prevention
  • Substance Abuse Prevention & Intervention
  • Juvenile Delinquency Prevention/Intervention
  • Food & Clothing Banks, Emergency & Crisis Assistance
  • Programs for Special Needs and Disabled